Anyone who thinks they are suddenly penalized by restricting fashion codes once they reach size 14, is completely mistaken. Following are some liberating news on outdated fashion policy.

White Is Not Your color!

Today choosing the best garment for your curvy physiques is all about matching good styles as opposed to colors. The right fit is what decides how the clothes make you look regardless of the color. Black was once a diminishing color and white had the opposite effect, but according to the top stylists today, it all depends where these colors are worn. When shopping for white clothing, consider jeans and ruched dresses. Look for materials with substance and a solid structure rather than flimsy materials which highlight bumps and bulges.

Avoid Unflattering Button-Down Shirts

These can actually be one of the most flattering fashion selections if chosen right. Look for a stretchy material with some attractive design that darts from side to side. A design that features ruching and wrapping can also make this an appealing look. If you want to add a seductive appeal to your silhouette, consider layering with a cardigan or a jacket. This will flatten out the midsection while elongating the rest of you.

No Bright Colors Or Prints! They Make You Look BIG

As mentioned before the new rules today say that colors can be whatever you prefer. In the end, it will be the styles and fit that you choose that will either make you look bigger or smaller. Even red which is the brightest and most attractive of the colors can be slimming when cut to fit your physique and form precisely. If this is a daunting idea, begin small. It is a good idea to begin by selecting shoes, jewelry or other accessories that can allow you to begin adapting these brighter colors into your own life.

You Can Dress In Any Color You Want As Long As It’s Black

In days past, it was the monochromatic look that allowed the plus sized fashionista to slim down visually. But this is old news, today colors and blends can be selected from across the spectrum. Of course, a monochromatic scheme can still create a slimming aspect by giving you a single line that runs from top to bottom, but this can be done in other ways as well. You can add some texture to the look by adding a material like chiffon and accessorize this with a splash of color.

There are many ways to enjoy some of the hottest clothing out there, but every must choose what will flatter their body types the very best. If you are looking for some of the hottest styles, colors and materials for you, check out the selection at You will find a plethora of clothing and accessories to suit your specific needs.