Traveling with kids is not as easy as you think of walking in a park. Parents of the current world are lucky enough to have lot of tech stuffs to help your kids have an adventurous journey. Poor parents have to manage the wild kids and endure the long travel with limited in-flight entertainments. Being in the century where the world is witness a lot of gadgets, you can engage your kids with these gadgets whenever required. Here are a few suggestions.

Car seat: When you travel with kids it is extremely important that you install a car seat that meets all the safety standards. However, some parents who put their kid in the back seat forget that a child is seated in the back seat and get down without remembering. Such forgetting parents can attach an alarm to the child’s seat which takes a minute to install. The system connects to a mobile app which alerts you when you get down from the car that the child is seated at the back. However, this website has useful articles for new moms to go through and decide the right car seat for their kids.

Headphone splitter: When you have two kids and two headphones but only one iPad chances of your kids having a fight for the audio are higher. If you pack a headphone splitter, two of them can hear to the audio individually while watching the movie.

Wireless headphones: These are very convenient for your kids than the wired headphones. When you configure your iPad to sync with the wireless headphones there is no necessity of using headphone splitter. Wireless is convenient when it comes to wearing seat belts, coats and while having food.

Amazon video: If you are a prime member, you can download up to 25 videos via Amazon video app to your device either Android or iOS. This will give your kid long hours of entertainment on the go.